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Mister CA Routing

Mister CA
Dynamic Call Routing

Take control of how calls are routed using real-time decision-making.  Popular of-the-self dynamic call routing rules per DN are:

Announce audio message to the calling party prior connecting incoming call to called party.

Inject calling party ID to incoming calls or called party ID to outgoing calls.

Redirect incoming and/or outgoing calls based on variety of criteria (call parties, call time etc)

Mask or randomly select calling party number.

Cost control (ex X amount allowed for outgoing international calls per month)

Duration control (ex X minutes allowed for outgoing international calls per month)

Apply Do Not Call (DNC) Lists for outgoing and/or incoming calls.

Dynamic White Call Lists

Redirect selected outgoing calls to authorization codes allowance.

Lock Phone if user is not logged in to their PC

Additionally, MISTER CA REST API can be enabled that will ask organization’s internal systems how to handle a call. The API will send A & B numbers and will request the next hop.


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