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Mister CA

The MISTER Call Analytics (CA) is an innovative, best-in-class Call Analytics and billing system for organizations that use CISCO IP Telephony.
It is compatible with Cisco Call Manager and Cisco Call Manager Express for all versions.

Mister CA is scalable from 10 phones to thousands of phones, we already have many client’s references with 1.000 to 10.000 phones.
It has a flexible and affordable pricing model with a very small add-on investment in comparison to the hardware infrastructure.

Mister CA is not just a simple Call Analytics application, but it optimizes the administration of organization’s telephony system, taking control of daily ICT tasks. It also reduces the telecom costs identifying best call routing options.
Mister Call Analytics System is scalable from small to very complex, multi national-multi currency-multi carrier installations.

Metrics Supervisor Panel

Supervisor Dashboard that manages User access rights.

Metrics MIS Panel

User MIS Dashboard for saving and scheduling historical reports.

Metrics Wallboard

Presentation of real-time KPIs of cc operations. Compatible with Cisco CUCM.

Active Directory Integration

Single password login

Automated process for updating info in CM from AD sources

AD/CM Integration uses JTAPI and AXL

Support for infinite Voice Gateways including SRSTs

Price lists per trunk/gateway/provider and/or type of call

Computes call costs using a four parallel method (actual, second provider, % increase on actual cost and % increase on second provider)

Web Interface, automated mail reports

Accounting of incoming and missed calls

Smart alerts for missed calls

Identification of ring time

Export results in commonly used formats (xls, pdf, csv, etc)

MS SQL Server Database

Automated email alerts and support


Multi-carrier analysis

Inactive, occasionally-used phones

Voice Quality Management reports using Erlang and MOS quality/K-Factor data calculations

Cost Centers support

Updated automatically from Active Directory

System Authorization and reports based on CC structure

Support of n-to-n organizational trees

Automated, scheduled billing support using a four-parallel cost model.

Support of mobile (cell) phones

Integration of Telecom CDRs/call reports

Complete MISTER CA functionality for mobiles

Integration of MISTER CA & MISTER CA Mobile for single communications costs per user

How Mister
CA Differs

Instant comparison of

actual and third party telecom providers’ cost per call using a four-parallel cost calculation procedure.

Smart integration with

Call Manager and Active Directory providing seamless updates of info, functionality especially useful for organizations with frequent users mobility

Smart missed called alert

service that identifies and reports only the actual missed calls within a group.

Simple taskbar application

that shows if internal phones are off hook/on hook.

Support of Quota per user

Email / xml alerts when approaching quota thresholds

Automated change of user/phone profile on quota threshold conditions

Support of user authorization codes

Support of third party Directory Services

Transparent, centralized Click to Call (no need of software on users’ PC (usable on even tablets, smart phones, non-windows PCs)

Bubble for alerting of incoming calls

Integration with organization’s CRM/ERP/Intranets

Basic Hotel Services :

Multi-lingual Wake up calls

Interface with popular Front Office programs (MICROS Opera, Fidelio, Protel, etc)

Check-in, checkout, room change, guest name

Advanced Hotel Services :

Room Services

Hotel Maintenance Module


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